Technical Writing

Our expertise covers all content areas of technical documentation: hardware; system software and applications; medical, scientific, and other instruments; manufacturing; all aspects of telecom.

We design and develop guides for every intended use and target audience, online help systems of every flavor, design documents, and training guides.

We match the best documentation expert in your content area with the most appropriate tools to produce clear and concise documents for your target audience.

In addition to standard hierarchical document development, Characters brings together the skills needed to design and develop a range of electronic, hyperlinked documentation systems:

  • On-line help systems linked to applications and designed to support guided graphic navigation.
  • Full-text searchable electronic books containing interactive and multimedia features.
  • Hybrid systems that combine distribution on CD-ROM with Web updates.
  • Object-oriented systems that enable the generation of several documents from a single library of text and graphic objects.

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Technical Writing

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