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The galloping editor

Should writers and editors worry about the new AI putting them out of business anytime soon? Not just yet. (Published in AI and Society, 2023)

In the 8th circle

Found among the papers of Dante: the punishement he had intended for the forgers of words or wordmongers. (Published in the Speculative Grammarian, 2023)

Tweedledum and Guildenstern

What is the meaning — if any — when “Jewish” and “democratic” are uttered in one breath? And should the language of the law be denotative or connotative? (Published in the Journal of Language and Law, 2023)

It is interesting to note

Best practices for academic writing in all disciplines. Read twice: once for laughts and again for self-reflection. (Published in the Speculative Grammarian, 2023)